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Quick & Dirty: Whipped Shea Butter Tutorial + My Personal Van Van Oil Recipe

Shea butter for me is a staple in my hygiene routine. I have sensitive skin, so its something I can depend on without worrying about irritation. I buy it from the beauty store and sometimes in bulk from the farmers market. It has a very pleasing scent on its own, but one of its downfalls is that it’s very thick and tough to rub into the skin, especially when your environment is cold.

One simple solution is to just whip it and while you’re whipping it, you might as well add some more good stuff to it. It’s almost impossible to mess up so, I’ll show you a quick tutorial on whipped shea butter.

Whipped Shea Butter

For this tutorial, I just gathered up my leftover shea butter from two containers. It was about 4 oz of white shea butter and 5 oz of yellow shea butter. I’m also using the empty container from the white shea butter to store the whipped product and adding in the great benefits of some homemade van van oil.


The difference between white and yellow is the addition of turmeric. I wouldn’t recommend wearing yellow shea butter if you are really pale or about to jump into bright white sheets.

I have heard that the turmeric is supposed to help even out your skin tone, but I believe it works better if you actually take turmeric tablets.

To whip the shea butter, I decided to use a mini chopper. It was the only thing I could find, but you can also use a small blender, an electric hand mixer, or even a balloon whisk and a strong arm. The best method, but most expensive is with a stand mixer.

I placed all of the butter and all of the oil (approximately 1 oz ) into the chopper. The oil I used is not pure essential oils, it is diluted with a carrier oil. If you are using pure essential oils, I recommend using only a couple drops at a time until you get the scent that you want.


I pulsed it several times to break up the chunks, then allowed it to blend for a full minute. I checked with a fork for any remaining chunks and was pleasantly surprised at what a great job the chopper did.


After that, you can pack it up. It really feels great on the skin and is great to put on after a shower. You can whip shea butter without the additional oil as well to soften it up a bit.

On to my van van oil recipe!


8 parts lemongrass

2 parts vetiver

2 parts cypress

2 parts lisea cubeba

1 part bergamot

1 part citronella

After I blend the main essential oils together, I dilute it all with MCT (fractioned coconut oil) at about 1 part van van mix to 7 parts carrier oil.

Van van oil is an old Louisiana recipe for good luck all around. Luck in love, money, prosperity, banishing evil. Maybe I should slather this on every day!

My recipe has a little more than the standard recipe and is not so much a one to one ratio. I’ll admit that part of that decision was because I didn’t like the smell of citronella, so I didn’t allow it a more dominant role. I also have a love affair with bergamot.

Some of these oils are expensive though. Especially vetiver which I actually found at my local farmers market. Lemongrass is all you really need for good van van oil.

A really good website for finding affordable essential oils is If you love making your own skincare products, then this site will change your life, or at least help you source some good stuff.




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