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I Signed Up for a 5K! My 5k Plan: 5k in 5 weeks.

It seems like such a long time since I’ve enjoyed a good running event. It’s small, local, and for a great cause.

The race date is July 28th, only 33 days away, but since this will be my first race in a long time, I won’t hold myself to a strict running time. I have no idea how much I might have slowed down.

I created a simple plan for myself that would help me achieve my goal and I’m so excited.

My 5k plan - Sheet1

My plan consists of four days a week of run/walk with the lengths of running gradually increasing. One day a week for cross training and two rest days or days with light intensity exercise. Three days of the program will be for checking my pace.

I’m also working on a goal tracker and hopefully, I’ll be using it to accomplish a long-term goal: my first marathon.

I’ll keep this blog updated.






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