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I’m going on a diet: Suja 3 day Renewal

I’m starting to feel like I need a change. I’m doing well on my running. The 5k is only 16 days away now, but with my diet the way it is, I think I’m hindering my progress.

Early in college, I used to be obsessed with losing weight and one thing I would do is go on a three-day juice or protein shake fast. I noticed that after doing a fast, it became much easier to eat healthier from then on.

While I was perusing my local Sam’s Club, I came across a box of Suja juices called the Suja Organic Three-Day Renewal. I was so excited I picked it up right away. It contained 9 juices for the morning, noon, and night. It also came with a booklet containing a meal plan. Sometime after each juice, you can have a healthy mini meal. I noticed there was no actual cooking in this plan and the diet is plant-based. Overall the diet wants you to aim for eating approximately 1140 – 1225 calories per day. The calories are low, so I’m prepared to be a little hungry, but I’m really excited to give this a shot.


I’m wondering if I should take a before and after picture just for fun, even though its only three days. Since this diet doesn’t contain any bread, starchy vegetables, or pasta, I’m expecting that any bloating I normally experience will temporarily go down, so overall I might look slimmer. I’ll continue on with my running schedule during it and see if I can tell the difference. I’m starting on Monday, June 16th. I’ll let you know the result by the end of the week!




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